Monday, May 8, 2006

the magician, and other new york magic

may 6, 2006

some friends and i took a saturday afternoon trip up to visit david blaine in lincoln center during his 7-day "drowned alive" stunt.

pete thought ahead and scribbled a note to blaine as we approached the sphere. "read any good books lately?" blaine's clever response on a magna doodle: "the fountainhead."

this one was strikingly similar to da vinci's vertuvian man.

later in the afternoon, we took a stroll across the brooklyn bridge. no less magical than blaine underwater, this is honestly one of the best "new york" experiences. cross the bridge from brooklyn into manhattan and you'll take in the statue of liberty, the manhattan bridge and an absolutely amazing view of the new york skyline. it still takes my breath away every time i see it.