Monday, June 26, 2006

cloud nine

june 25, 2006

since my move to new york, most of my trips home have been to shoot weddings. i've always loved the window seat- and, now that i have my camera with me 9 times out of ten...

Monday, June 5, 2006

the rents visit nyc

june 3, 2006

once upon a time, my parents came to visit new york city. the truth is, it's not really their scene. mom's a homebody and dad's a country boy. the big city isn't on their list of preferred destinations.

so when they did make it up here, we made the most of it...

we took the circle line from battery park to liberty island.

and then to ellis island.

this window looks out onto manhattan from the hallway where immigrants had to wait to be processed, before they could enter the country. the romantic in me loves this one.

then we headed uptown to the most classic of tourist spots, times square.

and we spent some time resting around rockefeller center.

all in all, a wonderful - though exhausting and extremely touristy - weekend. will they visit again? i'm not holding my breath :)