Monday, July 31, 2006


july 29, 2006

a great friend of mine, evan markfield, is a multi-talented man. not only is he a distinguished writer of sports stories and a novel-to-be... he's a singer/songwriter as well. some call him by his stage name: drake. currently hailing from north carolina, he played his first gig in manhattan at the knitting factory.

our friend bob, aka deer, was headlining the show with his band, the guppies

Friday, July 28, 2006

under the sea

july 23, 2006

the brooklyn aquarium is probably one of the greatest places i've been in new york city. and it's right next door to all the coney island festivities!

i had fun playing with silhouettes in front of the jelly fish tanks.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

yo la tengo

july 13, 2006

an organization known as celebrate brooklyn sponsors a series of performances in prosepct park every summer. my roomate jen and i would occasionally wander down there together to check out the festivities. we got to see some cool things. we saw philip glass et al. performing the original score to the 1931 version of dracula while the movie showed on a screen behind them. strangely enough, this one got cut short by a pretty intense thunder storm. there were even bats flying around the trees overhead. i kid you not. watching jen try to dodge lighting is pretty funny though :)

one of the other amazing performances we saw was yo la tengo: the sound of science. they played their own score to a series of documentaries on underwater life by French filmmaker jean painlev. it was beautiful.

my favorite...

Thursday, July 6, 2006

independence day

july 4, 2006

my first july 4th in new york was spent with carolyn and max, two great friends who live just a couple blocks away in brooklyn. we took an overnight trip out to the hamptons to take in some sun and cook out. then we headed back into the city for the firework festivities. manhattan had three sets of synchronized fireworks, and we could see them all from our friends' roof in prospect heights.

Monday, July 3, 2006

prospect park

july 2, 2006

there's nothing better than laying in the grass in prospect park on a sunny july afternoon.

unless you add friends, ultimate frisbee, wine, cheese and a bunch of blankets!

Sunday, July 2, 2006

we call him sherbet man

june 30, 2006

on my way to jersey one evening, i found this guy on the subway. he was quite a character- and you can see why he caught my attention. what you can't see is the sherbet-colored cane he was also carrying! we got off the subway at the same stop. i sereptitiously followed him, taking pictures, all the way to the path train.

i still wonder where he was headed.

Saturday, July 1, 2006

manhattan by boat

june 29, 2006

i was invited to try out one of the many cruises that goes around manhattan. this particular cruise involved dinner... and a whole lot of rain. i was unsure what i'd gotten myself into as i ran, in my "little black dress" and black flip flops (it's a trademark. don't mess with it.), onto a rain-soaked boat deck furiously rocking back and forth.

fortunately, the storm died down quickly, and it ended up being a beautiful evening.

while i enjoyed the skyline, the most popular part of the cruise was our momentary brush by lady liberty. she's green and beautiful...